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NWI Family Photographer - Grandparents, Siblings and Grandkids, oh my!

A beautiful family booked this day way in advance for a surprise extended family session for their parents anniversary. Three adult children and their significant others and families all got together from different states for the holidays. They had some laughs and fun while I got to hang out and meet everyone with my handy dandy camera to document these awesome moments for them for always.

Afterwards, I got this kind review!

"Wow. If you are looking for a knowledgable, patient, kid and adult friendly photographer, look no further. Maria did a photo shoot as a surprise for my parents' anniversary of our entire family - siblings, significant others, grandkids, the whole shibang. She also came to scope out the venue where we wanted the photos to ensure the space and lighting would work well. Every single photo she sent us is flattering and perfect. We were looking for a photographer who would get more candid photos than formal and I really feel like she captured the spirit of my family. There are far more than we can even choose from and I smile every time I open the folder. The price is worth every penny and I am a saver and deals kind of person."

I'm so grateful <3 Enjoy some of my favorites from this session!


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