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my family

Tom (husband), Vincent (the teenager), Anthony (the middle child), Talia (the youngest)

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So nice to meet you


I'm Maria, and I've been capturing life, stories and creations for about 15 years. Thanks so much for being here!

I fall more in love with this craft and very special job all the time. It moves me to create art with some of life's happiest times, and people's proudest creations. We are all creators. Whether that creation is the love you're cultivating with a partner,  a journey with your new baby, the relationships with loved ones, the home you are proud of, or creation of a business built from scratch.  We celebrate and shine light on delightful pieces of life. 

Come as you are!

There are no expectations from you. I work alongside every client to cultivate photographs that feel special.

I specialize in lifestyle and editorial photography of all stages of life - couples, extended family, pregnancy, newborn, and any family love just because. Natural portraits, environmental photography, special events, and weddings get thoughtful treatment and love from me as I work with you to document your important moments.


Each and every family, person, home, and event is beautifully unique every single time - even if it's the 100th time we've worked together.

I craft natural feeling portraits & focus on lovely details. I want to give you thoughtful photos to celebrate your creations, special days, and beautiful lives. 

I'm incredibly grateful, and truly love every project I've photographed.

If you're looking for a joyful, relaxed experience & outcome, thank you for considering me to serve you! 

Starting out living in the Western Suburbs for much of life, Maria has settled in Northwest Indiana along with her amazing husband, three wonderful & adored children, and Chester and Zak the cats, in a home they are increasingly proud of.


Town of Munster

I've been photographing for the Neighbors of Munster Magazine for about 5 years.

want to know more about working with me? click a photo below.


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Areas for travel include but are not limited to NWI, Munster, Schererville, Crown Point, Dyer, Highland, Cedar Lake, Saint John, Chesterton, Valparaiso, Griffith, Flossmoor, Winfield, Chicago South Suburbs, Chicagoland, Southwest Michigan

Watercolor Leaves


old favorite

my sister - and me in the thought cloud :)

one of my family faves

us as a cartoon

One of many fun pictures of us in the books

Turned my fam into Simpsons

simpson family photo nwi



Yellow Flower

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”

– Marc Riboud

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