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Saying Goodbye to a Childhood Home. Extended Family Session. NWI Family Photographer

This amazing family asked me to come document the last days at the house they called home for years and years.

This home was built in the earlier 1900's. I could feel the whispers of all the memories that this home held for this family and the families before them.

The family of 5 grew up in this beautiful home all together. The children were raised well and had a great life here. They remained very close, now living in wonderful homes of their own with their own beautiful children.

I think this was the best idea ever to document this moment, these days before their childhood home's new occupants came to claim their new vintage beauty. I hope these photographs will serve them well. I hope they can help hold high the new lasting memories made together in the home on this day. A conclusion to the great run they had there.

The favorite most beloved rooms in the home are their welcoming, warm toned living room. Light filled their pretty green colored front sitting room, and the gorgeous enclosed porch. Their big backyard was always the perfect setting for many parties and family gatherings.

We photographed upstairs in their now vacant, original bedrooms. I got to overhear some favorite childhood memories and stories the family shared while chatting to each other.

Most of the house was packed up when I arrived, prepared for the move out a couple days later.

The walls and rooms were mostly all empty, there were boxes in the corners of some of the rooms, and it looked like a house getting ready to be said goodbye to. They said, though, that the whole house was always decorated with such care and pride. And the rooms that were still all set up, and the gorgeous plants and flowers outside showed really just that.

Hopefully in the years to come, Mom and Dad will eventually build a new home right next door to this one, in the divided lot they have now gotten to split the property into! How cool! Their daughter lives 1 minute away and it seems they would like to all remain close by. It was a dream to photograph such a sweet, inviting group of people!

What a lovely last memory to have in their beloved childhood home.

At the end, it felt like a close to the session to begin to see the family setting up for a dinner they made in their kitchen to enjoy together, around the sweet memory-filled kitchen table, one last time.

I will always be grateful to have documented this day with this family. I wish them all the luck in the world!




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