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Carla & Mark - Destination Beach Wedding Photography

Carla and Mark's wedding took place in Marco Island, Florida. Many unexpected changes on this trip occurred, and the love of Carla & Mark and their family and friends were tested and probably grew closer during this time. Life is so unexpected, so please, tell those you love that you love them often, and don't fret too much about the small troubles. We need to enjoy life's small treasures. They matter, and our favorite beloved people matter, and we need to cherish this as much as we possibly can, before we can't.

These two stunning people make an incredible couple! Love made this gorgeous day happen. Period. I'm so happy my beautiful friend found this love of her life. Their 5 grown children came together as one big happy family to celebrate this marriage at one of their favorite places on earth, Marco Island! It was an intimate wedding with their closest loved ones.

I was told from the start (and it was doubly(?) true on the day of) they are not big on picture taking on the wedding day. Minimal attention was given to standing in front of my camera on purpose. (But when they did it was MAGIC!) I had a few minutes though. So I had to be, what I feel, was a little clever and a lot quick, to be able to grab photographs that are both beautiful and meaningful.

Carla was my next door neighbor at my childhood home! Her and her family have been a gift and an absolute pleasure in my life. I feel lucky to have grown up next to such an awesome family!

I had so much fun photographing their day, and I'm very grateful to have been able to take the time off to fly out.

To a beautiful couple - Congratulations!!! <3

& Thank you for asking me to document your day!






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