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A Fall Sunrise Surprise - NW Indiana Generation Extended Family Session

Being a photographer for as long as I have, I would have thought I'd be asked for a sunrise session before this, but I hadn't! It felt a bit weird to be leaving the house when it was still dark out and driving 30 minutes away. I had never started any sessions like that.

How would the families and little kids feel about being up and out so early in the morning? This was at a location I had never been. How would the area look with the sun rising? How will I capture the best out of this location? Will I be able to think quick to achieve the best light and capture wonderful connections and fleeting moments? For rain delay, we had some shelter in the area to play with, so that was good. This sunrise session was an exceptional first. It was a pleasure to have a task in front of me that made me a little nervous. I was also a lot excited, and a lot pumped up for this session! After meeting the families, saying hi to the kiddos, and after the first 5 minutes of icebreaking photos, we certainly did capture something amazing this morning! And the rest of my day was totally awesome for it. win-win!

I was super inspired by this session and was ready to capture some magic. Mom & Dad were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary! Their son and daughter and their families all came together to hang out and enjoy this fall morning in NW Indiana.

I hope these photographs will always remind them of this day, this season of life, their love and family. Every time they see these photographs in their photo books or on their walls, I hope they are reminded of the joy in their family, and what's most important. Giving life to these moments was spectacular.

Thank you for making this my job.

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