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Lombard Family Photographer - First Snow Fall of the Season

At first, I was a bit unsure about how many images we could possibly get, how long we could actually stand to be out in the cold, how a session like this would go, plus how I would handle my equipment in the snow fall. When it started snowing lots of big huge snowflakes (the very first snow of the season!) I thought I would have to reschedule this one for later. Instead, I rigged a bag over my camera, moved the session inside and around their home, and it was an absolute treat to photograph! As soon as we started the first couple shots, I knew we were heading in a totally great direction!

My own daughter is the same age as this little sweetheart. She was so fun playing her Christmas music inside their beautiful and inviting home.

These awesome people had been trying to find time to schedule a shoot for months, but were super busy. By the time they had some time, it was well past Fall and into December.

Taking pictures in the snow was a blast! Annie is an adorable little girl who I photographed a couple years back at one year old.

This family is so down to earth and adorable and sweet, and I just love them!!!

Enjoy the pictures!

There's a first for everything! I think it's so cool I had a shoot smack in the middle of the first big snow of the season! And how cool for this family, too! Can't wait for the next shoot when this sweetheart will be an even bigger girl!

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