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One thing that's kept me going...

One of the best things as of late in my life, has been this growth and change I'm seeing.

Our family has been through so much in a short period. Life in general teaches you so much about yourself if you let it. And it's not stagnant. I like knowing I have the power to create a stronger and more fulfilled me. I have that POWER. And so do you.

A tiny history about me; I'm married with three kids that we raise at home currently ages 11, 5, and 3. -the sweetest, best most amazing handfuls you'll ever meet :)

I've been home with the littlest ones since my 5 year old was born. I've mostly been a stay-at-home mom during that time working on my craft on the side. Being at home keeps me super busy.

It's totally awesome to have the opportunity to be there for my kids and see them grow and change minute to minute. I like that they are at my side. I of course, also get frustrated by it at times. Mom guilt much?

I'm 36 years old now. Things have changed so much since I started dating my husband at 21 years old. Feels like a lifetime.

A lot of Life happened. I am so lucky and grateful that I've gotten to live and LOVE in this life of mine.

My photography has changed, too. I've always loved photographing people in love and the love within families. As much as trying to run a business is actual work, I really enjoy it.

I went to college in Chicago after high school and got myself a Bacheler's of Fine Arts degree (still paying on those loans! jeez...) but never found a job in the field or cared for the programs and graphic design field I learned about. I was too carefree I think. I don't know. I loved everything else about college, though, and learned a lot about myself during those years.

I was working at portrait studios during and after college for almost 2 years. Then I worked at a jewelry store for 2 years or so. I didn't even wear jewelry, but we ended up buying my engagement ring there later! Soon after that, our first child, Vincent, was born. He was the most gorgeous baby I've ever seen.

I loved being a Mom! Vincent was our only child for 6 years before having two more little ones, back to back. They are my Everything.

I went back to work part time at another photography studio when Vincent was a baby for a couple years. Then about 2008, I started slowly but surely creating my own little photography business at home with a little following of some really wonderful folks.

Practicing & learning all the time, photographing my son, family and some clients over the years, upgrading my equipment, finding my style, my drive & passion, and practicing the business side of things, too, was very awesome & took up a lot of my time, too. Though, this gave me something to go for, enjoy, learn and love. I missed work, missed exploring myself, missed time for myself, and missed contributing financially, too. So being a momma at home and having this as well made me feel amazing and much more whole.

I had a few weddings a year and a lot more portrait sessions. It was perfect amount of time for me away from home, and a bit of extra income for our family.

My pictures from 2009 and 2010 compared to the work I create now, shows so much growth. I wanted to share some here, but they are on an old hard drive that I don't plan to dig out today.

Through the first several years working as photographer, my clients changed as things became clearer in business, but I had a few people I will never ever forget that were with me from the start and I love them for that! Moving forward in all ways in business can be challenging for sure!

Things changed after having our third child. We moved to a new house the same day we came home from the hospital (insane) in a whole new area and state, and months later I had to take even more time off of work entirely to be present with my family during some major medical issues for my little loves.

Today, I strive to live in the moment and to find fulfillment and freedom in the now. I see much potential and possibilities for myself and my family and also my business.

Life always changes and flows. When I can figure out how to change and flow with it, life seems a little more do-able.

When things gets to stressful, I try to bring myself back to reality and to the people and tasks I truly love. I try to figure out how to bring happiness and light to others through my work and through living my life.

That above all is what matters most.

If you want to find out a little more about my photography, read this here.

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