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What's in my Bag - My Current Camera Equipment

I adore doing this work, but let's just lay it out, I am NOT a gear head, techie type of person. I use the same stuff over and over with occasional upgrades.

Some of my lenses, I pick up much less than some of my others. I upgrade now and again, but I'm not all about having all the gear ever.

That said, here is some of what I carry in my camera bag.

My Camera Bag

Super cool bag is not this blue one here, but it's another AMAZING Kelly Moore bag!


I love this lens. Wider than my other fave the 50mm but doesn't cause distortion really. It's pleasant. I love using it.

I wrote another post here comparing the Canon 50mm 1.8 and 1.2 (which is more than $1000 difference in price)

Here are some Amazon Reviews below.

I often use my 24-70 during the wedding day because it is more versatile, and you don't have to keep switching lenses as often when using it. The 2.8 aperture still gives you a nice depth to the image when you go that low. I love this one for certain times on the wedding day.

Ever since I purchased my 70-200 with Image Stabilization, I'm able to stand in the back of the room and take pictures like this one on the left of the bride and groom during the ceremony. I get some details and expressions on family form a distance, not to disturb the moment.

So far, I don't pull out this lens too often. I've used it during speeches, and to get some casual documentary shots of the room. I haven't used it for portraits much yet, but I plan on experimenting more with it soon.

Wide Angle 12-24

I use this wide angle for literally about 4 pictures on the wedding day. Love it for a wide view of the ceremony - usually every wedding, the outside of the church or ceremony site once in a while, inside the reception room before guests arrive, a dance floor shot at the end of the night, and maybe a couple other creative shots with the bride and groom. This was a gift from my husband and parents a long time ago. I really love that it gives me some variety to the images on the wedding day. It's much wider than my 24-70, which is on my camera more often. I've really enjoyed this wide angle lens.

The image below was taken with this lens at a 20mm focal length.

Taken with Wide Angle Lens at 20mm focal length


Canon 5D Mark II Camera

Great camera. You can find many used online. I bought mine a long while back. I bought this as a bundle that included a lens. I bring both my cameras to shoots and weddings because you never know when equipment could malfunction. It's necessary for me to have a backup.

Canon 5D Mark III Camera

Bought this in 2016. Was considering waiting for the 5D Mark IV which was due out later in 2016. I think that camera might be more for video. I know the extra cost was not something I was interested in at the time. The Mark III is amazing and I love it. Shop around for this there may be some used as well as people have moved onto the Mark IV's.


Canon Speedlite Flash 580

x2 of these. There's a newer model out there now for around $500. I've had these older versions for a while now. The newer ones have a built in transmitter.

Yongnuo Flash 600

These have their troubles per many of the Amazon and online reviews, but I haven't noticed much. I also don't use flash too often, and when I have used these they've been great for me. These flashes are super similar to the Canon for more like $150 or so. I will be purchasing more of these soon and plan on using them in more spots on the wedding day and beyond in the next year or so.


If you are interested in new-to-you gear, you may want to look into used cameras or lenses. Lots of people sell solely to upgrade or they just change their minds after just a little while.

Also, if you're in the market for a couple of these items at once, look for a bundle that could save you money. There are a lot out there.

Make sure you are price shopping. Camera gear can obviously get very pricey. But new gear is SO fun!!

This is a big ol bundle with some big ticket items in it including awesome lens variety: Canon 5D Mark III Camera, 70-200, and 24-70

There's variety in a bundle like this, and it's nice if you end up being able to get some gear you were after all at once like that.

If I can be of service any further, shoot me an email and I'll see if I can help! Otherwise check back for different articles and photography fun back at the Photographer's Lounge.

Happy Shooting!!!

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